Official Statement: Walls seeks fourth term as Sheriff of Marshall County

Re-Elect Sheriff Scott Walls

Sheriff Scott Walls is looking forward to serving the citizens of Marshall County another four years. He is pleased to formally announce that he is seeking re-election to a fourth term in the June 2018 Primary Election. Walls is a Republican and is seeking the party's nomination to appear on the ballot for the November 2018 General Election.

The popular law enforcement leader was elected to his first term as sheriff in 2006 by more than 12 points over his opponent proving that Walls had earned the respect and support of voters of every political persuasion.

The theme for his 2018 re-election campaign is “Keeping Walls Between You and Crime”. Walls said the campaign is an important opportunity to show the citizens how his many accomplishments have improved the quality of life in Marshall County. His campaign will also encourage voters to go to the polls and make their voice heard. Every vote counts and voting is one of the most important rights given to each of us by the Constitution.

“The citizens of our county and state are well informed in political matters and can vote their interest when they have good information…I know and trust the people of Marshall County to carefully and fairly evaluate my qualifications, my experience, and my record of public service. I know and believe they will do the same sifting and weighing of that of my opponent. The choice will be clear. Service in public office, either elected or appointed, should not be the result of a litmus test, with no regard for the common sense, intelligence and the character of the people we are to serve.”

“Upon taking the oath of office as Sheriff in 2007, I pledged to return respect, accountability and professional performance to the office. I have kept that pledge and am proud to now oversee what is now, without question, one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the state,” Walls stated.

In more than eleven years under Walls’ leadership, the Sheriff’s Office has made significant progress in four of the most important concerns to our communities:

Crystal Meth

Walls acquired federal funds to provide the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office with a proven effective anti-methamphetamine program to keep drugs and criminals off our streets.

Opiods, Heroin and Fentanyl

Walls is committed to dedicating the resources necessary to fight the growing opiod epidemic through continued cooperation with the Marshall County Drug Task Force, increasing street level enforcement along with developing educational programs for our communities.


Working with Federal Immigration Enforcement (ICE) officers, Walls is keeping his promise to enforce every illegal immigration law available to his office. He ensures that his department is reimbursed under federal law for the expense of holding every illegal immigrant in the County Jail so that the citizens of Marshall County are not burdened with the expense.

Sex Offenders

To keep a close watch on the 212 sex offenders living in Marshall County, Walls implemented periodic home and work checks as well as the monthly face to face reporting at the sheriff’s office as required by law. Marshall County is recognized across the state of having one of the best Sex Offender Tracking programs. Walls also established a system that automatically alerts residents when sex offenders move to their neighborhood and notifies victims and other interested people when a particular inmate is released from the jail.

Walls acquired federal grants to also provide deputies with modern technology to better serve citizens. New fingerprint identification system, laptop computers, new records and jail management computer software, jail surveillance system, increased jail perimeter security, and Tasers are just a few of the technological advances at the sheriff’s office since Walls took office.

Walls established a reputation for good old-fashioned investigative work with his success in solving a couple of high profile cold cases as well. Other achievements under Sheriff Walls include the new Yellow Dot Identification program for senior citizen motorists and the Are You Okay (R U Ok) Program for homebound citizens. He also re-established a program that uses prisoners to pick up litter and keep Marshall County clean. And citizens can now apply for a pistol permit online thanks to the sheriff’s office website,

“I believe community involvement is instrumental in continuing our progress. I will continue to maintain a close working relationship with all surrounding law enforcement agencies as well as the community crime watch organizations. I believe working closely with our citizens is instrumental in continuing the progress we started almost twelve years ago. I will continue to maintain a true open door policy and welcome our citizens to visit me anytime with problems or concerns they have,” Walls said.

Sheriff Walls has also proven to be a great administrator. His fiscal responsibility and focus on streamlining services has allowed the sheriff’s office to return money each year to the county’s General Fund, when the citizens of Marshall County needed it most. Under Walls the sheriff’s office has received more than $500,000 in federal grants.

Walls’ experience in law enforcement began 37 years ago as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff. Since then he has served as a Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant/Patrol Supervisor, and Investigator with the sheriff’s office. He also served as an Investigator of Violent Crimes and Child Abuse with the Marshall County District Attorney’s Office. Before being elected as Sheriff, Walls served as Chief of Police of the City of Guntersville for 10 years.

In addition, Walls has served on many important committees including:

  • City of Guntersville Chairman / Traffic Control Board
  • Marshall County Child Advocacy Center/Founding Board of Directors Member
  • Marshall County Drug Task Force Vice-Chairman / Board of Directors
  • Marshall County Methamphetamine Task Force/Member - Law Enforcement Advisory Committee
  • Drug Free Marshall County Board of Directors
  • Marshall County Chiefs of Police Association Member
  • Marshall County E - 911 Secretary - Treasurer / Board of Directors
  • Marshall County Community Corrections Board of Directors
  • Marshall County Fraternal Order of Police #18 Member and Trustee
  • Marshall County Homeland Security Task Force Member
  • Marshall County Board of Education - Advisory Committee Member
  • Alabama Attorney Generals Legislative Committee Member
  • Alabama Attorney Generals Selection Committee for "Officer of the Year" Award
  • Alabama Attorney Generals Council on Elder Abuse and Exploitation Member and Speaker
  • Alabama Chiefs of Police, Member and State Education and Training Committee Member
  • Alabama Chiefs of Police Chairman / Member of Life Committee
  • Alabama League of Municipalities, State Law Enforcement Advisory Committee on Education and Training
  • Alabama Peace Officers Association Member
  • Alzheimer's Services of Marshall County / Advisory Board Member
  • ITT College / Advisory Board Member
  • Alabama Peace Officers Association / 19th District Vice-President
  • Alabama Sheriff's Association Member
  • Alabama Sheriff's Association Life Committee / Chairman
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association Legislative Committee
  • Alabama Sheriff's Association Past President's Committee
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association Finance Committee / Chairman
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association Education Committee / Chairman
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association / Sargent At Arms
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association / Secretary – Treasurer
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association / 2nd Vice – President
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association / 1st Vice -President
  • Alabama Sheriff's Association / President 2015

“It has been and will continue to be the honor of my life to serve as your Sheriff. I have demonstrated and established a history of professionalism, responsibility and accountability in providing quality law enforcement and emergency response to this county."

“From the bottom of my heart, I humbly thank the citizens of Marshall County for their continued support. It is my heartfelt desire to continue the progress we have started. We have worked hard to bring your sheriff’s office into the age of technology and will continue to seek new ways to improve the service we provide.”